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What is a Service Bureau Reseller?

A service bureau is a business model that is essentially a service company. You already add service to your clients, now add service to your software clients. You offer added support to software clients, by supporting them from the first call support feature. This way you can be on the pulse of your clients' needs.

Do you have to be in the tax business to become a Service Bureau Reseller with UltimateTax? No. Owning a Service Bureau Reseller is something that works if you are already in the tax business. However, if you have the desire to be self-employed and are looking for an opportunity to make a great income, this could be your solution.

Be An UltimateTax
Service Bureau Reseller

  • Set Your Own Software Pricing
  • Brand Your Own Software
  • Diversify Your Revenue

This is a business opportunity to become a reseller in the tax preparation market. You would become a partner of UltimateTax selling under your own brand. This is an opportunity to expand or get into a growing market with great options for large revenue.

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What are the requirements to become a
Service Bureau Reseller with UltimateTax?

UltimateTax is looking to partner with professionals who:

  • Are Client focused
  • Have integrity for the business and industry
  • Abide by UltimateTax's high standards
    • We are not looking for those who who are trying to take short cuts or take advantage of our industry. We are looking for great people to be in our industry. This opportunity can be a full time or part time business. We can help support your customers all year long.
  • • We are looking for business minded individuals with a high desire to be successful with their own business.

The areas for income are:

  • Tax Software - Make money all year long when you sell tax software
  • Tax returns - fee splits
  • E-files - you can charge on a per return basis
  • Bank Products - Make the service bureau fee income. On average service bureau are charging more than $20 per bank product return. Imagine adding $20,000 to $50,000 with just 1,000 bank products.
  • Bank Product Incentives
  • Consulting with clients about growing their business

When you become an UltimateTax Service Bureau Reseller you get access to some great resources:

  • You can set your own software pricing
  • You get full access to our Service Bureau Fee
    • We do not charge a service bureau fee to those who have signed UT-Service Bureau Reseller Contracts
  • Get paid volume incentives for the volume of bank products your organization funds
    • This amount can be substantial based on your bank volume
  • You can offer services such as Value Added Tax Preparation
    • You can "Wrap" returns for your clients
    • You can offer Fee splits on tax preparation fees

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Manage your sub offices, or we can manage your sub offices

  • Get the best of working with UltimateTax
  • We have been in this business for over 10 years. We have the staff to assist you.
  • Get reports on your offices anytime you want
    • E-filing reports
    • Bank reports

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