UltimateTax Software Pricing

$15 per return
Billed Annually
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Mac Compatible
  • No Installing, No Updating
  • Includes 3 Users - $49 for each additional user

Save on costs for your Tax Preparation Business!

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Billed Annually
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Mac Compatible
  • No Installing, No Updating
  • Includes 3 Users

Your tax life made easier!
$5$7/mo per additional user

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Billed Annually
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Installed Software
  • Unlimited Users
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Billed Annually
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 & Corporate Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Installed Software
  • Unlimited Users
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UltimateTax software is used by over 50,000 preparers every year.

Are you a high-volume preparer or multi-location tax office? Learn more about UltimateTax Enterprise

*Must use TPG with our software to qualify for Free Software and Rebate Program

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Pay-Per-Return, Online, or Desktop* A switching fee ($99) applies after the software is released.


Program Customization & First Time Users
Conversions From Other Tax Programs

By typing in your tax payer's TIN, last years tax data is automatically converted for you to start your new return.

Prior Year Tax Programs Available

The Vault Package is the desktop version for 10 prior years. A great add on you should have for your office.

Modify Color Setup

Multiple color options and complete customization allow you to style you your tax documents the way you want it.

Program Enhancements
W-2/1099 Programs
Add On
Add On
Add On

Expanding to a W-2 and 1099 preparation in your office can bring in additional revenue and clients.

Corporate Package Available
Add On
Add On
Add On

Corporate forms available with 1040 + Corporate and Enterprise gives you access to 1120, 1120S, 1065, 990, 706, etc. packages and is another way to add office revenue. Corporate returns can be added individually for $40 per return.

Interview Mode

For beginners as well as seasoned professionals, interview mode allows you to prepare returns by asking important questions about your client's tax history each season.

Misc Forms

Miscellaneous Package includes forms such as 1120-H, 8609, Sch H, etc. that may not be found under a specific package.

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed reports designed to help you capture the complete picture of your tax business. Reports range from outstanding acknowledgments to matching up your preparation fees with the refund settlement solution report.

Program Features
Automatic Carry-Forward Prior Year

No time is wasted with data input for clients each year. The client data will automatically roll over from year to year.

Carry Forward Prior Year Data

With the push of a button, all client data from the prior year will roll over into the current year documents.

Automatic Software Updates - Hassle Free!

To save time, your software is automatically updated to the most current version. No more time wasted each year downloading and installing updates.

All Season Software Update

Get access to all of the updates throughout the season for all of the forms, schedules and software information.

Mac Compatible

UltimateTax 1040 is a cloud based software package that only requires a modern web browser and an internet connection to use. The software is compatible with all Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

1040 Software

1040 Module allows access to all 1040 forms and Schedule C for Self-Employment income.

Number Of Users
Includes 3 Users
Includes 3 Users

1040 + Corporate and Enterprise packages have unlimited users for the desktop installed version from within your office. The Online 1040 Package package includes 3 users but more users can be purchased separately.

Installed Desktop Software

Software installed within your office to have access to your clients and client data on your Windows PC and network.

Network Installation Available

Using one centralized database for every workstation in your office. Multiple workstations to connect together in one network. An additional fee will apply if doing a network install between January 1st and April 18th.

Interactive Dashboard

Easy to see icons allow simple and efficient navigation and workflow.

Auto Backup of Returns

All client data is automatically backed up for you every hour. No need to worry about managing data backup any longer.

Content-Sensitive Help

Get immediate help inside the return with this line by line assistance. This helpful tool will help guide you when any questions come up.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Have your return go through extensive e-filing diagnostics that will help prevent costly errors on your returns that are submitted.


Allow clients to sign documents with an electronic signature on your returns. No more in office signings required. They can be signed anywhere.

Client Notes

Keep track of important information regarding your client's returns with your own notes section directly inside the return.

Client Diary

A convenient method to record information that would not otherwise appear in the taxpayer’s return. An example would be if they owe prep fees from a previous season.

Password Protected Login

Feel confident knowing your client information is protected with a password you assign to a specific user within your software.


A calculator is conveniently built inside the return to easily assist you as you file.

EIN Database

Automatically store all Employer Identification Numbers in an existing database. This makes entering an existing EIN easy as it will pre-populate based on entering in the first few numbers.

Link Depreciation Worksheet

Easily link the depreciation worksheet straight to the return. This allows for easy access to all of your assets and the depreciation that follows them each year.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time by using your keyboard for some important time-saving functions within the software.

Visual Forms Tree

Seeing a list of forms throughout the return makes it easy to navigate from form to form with a simple click.

User Guide Available

An easily searchable PDF guide. Use the guide to help navigate through the software or help with setup.

Tax Form Defaults

Easily set up your preparer, ERO, pricing and all other information prior to the start of each season.

Auto-Complete With History Lists

Complete entries with help with a history list. Allow certain fields auto filled from previous year customer data within the return.

Real-Time Refund Monitor

Make any change to any return and instantly see how it affects the refund in either adding or subtracting money from your refund.

Return Query

Get instant access to where each return is at in the acceptance process. Know if the return is accepted and see the rejection reason.

Free Unlimited E-Filing

Have access to free unlimited e-filing. No limits on how many returns you want to E-File throughout the entire season.

State Compliant Bank Product Module

Allow you to enroll with one of our partnered banks to be able to withhold your customer's fees from their return. Easily add your state to your federal bank product for a small fee.

Modernized Filing

The MeF system from the IRS allows returns to get accepted and funded in a timely manner.

Unlimited Extension Filing

Whether it's a 1040 or a corporate extension, prepare as many as you would like, free of charge with this option.

Return Printing
Automatically Print Acknowledgements

Once you receive an acknowledgment, easily print out a report showing the tax payer information.

Customizable Print Packets

Customize and choose which forms you want to print with your return packages. Print packets are designed for the tax payer, file copy, Federal copy and much more.

PDF Printing

Truly go paperless by printing your returns in a PDF format for easy storage.

Print Returns In All Caps

Use this feature to print the return information in all capital letters for easy viewing and printing for your customers.

Auto Number Invoices

Automate your finances with your business by letting the system automatically auto number your invoices.

Online Check Printing

Get access a little sooner. Print your customer's checks online at any time from within your office.

Desktop Check Printing

When funds are available, cashier's checks can be printed easily and fast with a simple setup process.

Package Features
All States Included

All software packages contain every state to prepare state returns. Have access to all forms that are needed for all states.

Free State efile

Bank Product Rebates

Earn incentives from Ultimate Tax! With over 100 funded bank products you will earn Ultimate Cash (Rebates) from UltimateTax at the end of the tax season.

Loan Advance Products

Allow you to enroll to offer bank loans to your customers. With this, your customer can receive a certain amount before they receive their refund. Fee’s and some restrictions apply.

365 Service

Have peace of mind knowing that you will have unlimited access to Ultimate Tax’s awesome service all year long. With phones, email, chat, and our DIY section, there is always a way for support 365 days a year.

EFIN Required

With all software packages, an EFIN is required to e-file returns. The Enterprise package an EFIN is not required when traditional paper filing returns, an EFIN is still required to e-file.

Publication 17 Available

This is one publication every tax preparer must read and understand. Publication 17 is available inside of the program for easy viewing.

Unlimited Number of Preparers
Starts with 3 users
Starts with 3 users

1040 + Corporate and Enterprise packages allow you to have as many preparers as you choose. The 1040 Package package starts with 3 users and more can be added on upon request.

Ultimate Tax Benefits
Customer Support From UltimateTax Team

  • Self Service
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Dedicated 365 Service Phone Number – Enterprise
  • Toll Free Phone Support
  • Extended support hours
  • Chat Support
  • Setup Assistant
  • 1 on 1 Assist – Nov – December Only
  • Year-round support

Self Service Center
  • Knowledge Base
  • Common Solutions to most asked questions
  • Intuitive search and response
UltimateTax Customer Center
  • Account Management
  • Prior year downloads
  • Support Channel
  • Training Center
  • Practice Returns
  • Training Videos
Customer Communication
  • Emails on for industry
  • Emails for updates
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
Software Renewal
  • Auto Renewal
  • Low Price guarantee

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30+ Bank Products

50+ Bank Products

500+ Bank Products

Frequently Asked Questions

We see what the competition is doing, and putting business software on “Sale” devalues the software. Sure we could arbitrarily raise the price only to reduce it at a lower price, but we chose not to play that pricing game. You should always get the best pricing when you buy your professional tax software. We will run specials from time to time, but the reality is, buying before the season starts will always get you the best price.

We also offer an affordable option such as the UltimateTax PPR (Pay-Per-Return). You can get your professional tax software for only $199 per year at $15 per return. You’ll get the same software features and convenience as UltimateTax 1040 Online.

What makes UltimateTax Service so special, is our service. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships. You can contact us by about any possible way you can think of. We are based in Iowa and we operate year round. Our business is possible because we take care of our customers. To be honest, we do not know everything. But we will do our best to help you out.

We are absolutely a Tax Service Bureau. A Tax Service Bureau is not just a tax software reseller. We are a complete company. We have a complete staff of Sales, Marketing, and Support. We have been in business since 2006. The owners father started his first tax service bureau in 1995.

A tax service bureau is a business that is able to make the best relationships in the tax industry. We have ties to the best partners and we are in the “know”. Just because you can take someone’s money doesn’t make you good at what you do. We are great at what we do and we are proud to be offering our services.

We have had offices in every state. We continue to grow every year, because we are committed to this ever changing industry.

We understand that not all tax professionals need features such as unlimited e-Filing or unlimited users. To save on costs, we offer UltimateTax 1040 Online and UltimateTax PPR. If you file less than 30 returns, getting the UltimateTax PPR is ideal. If you file more than 30 returns, you can get UltimateTax 1040 Online. Aside from the affordable price, you can get incentives by offering bank products. You can even get next year’s tax software free if you fund at least 30 bank products from Santa Barbara TPG and UltimateTax.

We get this question a lot. We have great relationships with our partners. With great relationships that work both ways, we can negotiate pricing. That’s part of it. The other part is that we value our customers and look for ways to start and keep relationships. Part of that is through price. We believe that giving a great price and seeing our value, you will continue our relationship. Actually our renewal price is less than our new customer pricing.

Support is so important when it comes to the professional tax software industry. Our company does not make our software, so that allows us to focus on our relationships. We offer some great support options. Live phone calls, when we say we are open, we answer the phone. Of course we offer email, chat, Facebook, fax and our online support system. We are very proud of our support options, we think you will be happy too!

The owner, Mike Steele, started as a sales person in his father’s tax service bureau, back in 1995. After his father passed he started UltimateTax Service in 2006. We started with Intellitax then and after they were sold, we became a partner of CCH TaxWise. We continue to work with TaxWise, as our relationship has become a partnership. We get to offer TaxWise as our brand and make some great changes to the platform, which becomes UltimateTax. In 2016 we are going through huge office remodel to give our employees the best working environment.

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