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File unlimited 1040s with UltimateTax Online 1040 anywhere, anytime!

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Add $35 per return for Corporate returns (1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, and others).
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Prepare taxes anywhere, anytime

File your client's taxes better with:

No Confusing Software Installation

UltimateTax Online 1040 works on Mac, Windows & Chromebook.

Secured Data

Regular automatic back-ups secure your data and stores them online.

Real-time Progress Status of Filed Returns

Receive status on work-in-progress or filed tax returns, acknowledgments, rejects, and printed checks.

Less Cost

Fund 30 or more bank products each season and receive our online tax software FREE.

Paperless Filing

File as many 1040s as you want electronically.

Faster Turnaround Time for Tax Preparation

UltimateTax Online 1040s easy user design helps you finish your clients' tax returns in a matter of minutes.

Increased Mobility

Up to 3 users can access the program on different devices. Additional users can be added up to a total of 100. Additional cost per user.

Effective Tax Preparation Support

With our 365 Support you will receive excellent support. Your questions can be answered via support site, email, chat and phone all year round.

Conduct business with easy-to-use software

Spend less time figuring out the installation of your tax software. UltimateTax Online 1040 can be accessed with any internet browsers. No need to worry about your device's compatibility. Use it on a PC, Macbook or Chromebook. Access it with a desktop, laptop, or a 7" tablet.

System Requirements

Browsers Supported:
Google Chrome (54+)
Internet Explorer 11 (11.0+)
Microsoft Edge (38.0)
Apple Safari (10.x)

For the best experience,
we recommend:

Google Chrome (54+)
Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 / 768x1024
Device screen size of at least 7" (tablet size)

Smarter Help System

Need help but don't want to contact customer service? A built-in help box is available with a comprehensive and context-sensitive feature. Let the software finish the thought you've started typing.

Free Software Data Conversions

Save at least 6 hours more with FREE data conversions from your previous tax software to UltimateTax software. Software specialists are available to help you without any fuss or additional charges.

*If you do not see your program here, contact us.
We convert many programs you may not see here or programs that go by different names.

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Worry less with automatic
back-ups stored online

Forgot to hit the save the button? No need to feel frustrated. UltimateTax Online 1040 automatically back-ups your work.

Seamlessly manage multiple tasks all at once. Consult your client via phone or look at your client's documents without worrying about losing all the work you've done.

Update your clients faster
with real time tax return query

The work-in-progress screen shares the status of tax returns you've filed. Give immediate updates to your clients if theyir returns were accepted or rejected.

Share statuses of refunds, acknowledgments, and printed checks.

Comply with the
IRS' paperless initiative

UltimateTax Online 1040 is a professional tax software equipped with e-File features. File unlimited tax returns electronically without additional fees. Take on more clients with a faster and more efficient way of filing tax returns.

E-Signature Available, use in office or remote, sign on customers device or on signature pad in office.

Free Software With
30+ Funded
Bank Products

Get your UltimateTax Online 1040 FREE

Maximize your earning potential

Offer solutions to your clients by offering bank products. Provide refund options to your clients that will save them time and reduce their wait for their refund. The best part is that for 30 or more funded bank products, you can get UltimateTax Online 1040 for FREE.

UltimateTax provides the best negotiated, financially rewarding bank rebates in the industry. Your volume determines your rebate. To get your software for FREE, sign a contract with UltimateTax for your committed bank products volume. The signed contract benefits you for your additional fees and protects your income stream. Get an UltimateCash™ Bonus based on the volume of bank products you've provided to your clients!

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Speed up your turnaround time with its easy interface

Understanding UltimateTax Online 1040s buttons and features takes up no time at all! Designed with the simplest interface, new users can start using this professional tax software from Day 1.

  • Customize available buttons in your Launch Pad
  • Use templates to maximize your efficiency
  • All State modules included
  • Guide your client when providing data using the Interview Mode feature
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Ensure 100% accuracy with UltimateTax tools to make sure you don't make errors on your client's tax returns
  • Expand more service through the Prior Year Software and W-2/1099 Add-ons!

Work seamlessly and get any question answered with 365 Service

Questions never go unanswered with UltimateTax's 365 Service. Call, chat, or email for any technical and customer support needed. Need extensive help with the software? Show your screen and let's investigate how to fix any problem. All UltimateTax agents are professionally trained and knowledgeable on both the software and the tax industry.

Reach more clients through mobile access

Expand your business by being available to your clients no matter where you are. As long as you have your laptop or tablet and an internet connection, you can access your client's tax forms on-the-go.

If you're starting your tax preparation business, this is the perfect professional tax software for you! No need to rent out an office space yet, instead meet clients in co-working spaces or cafes. Bring your whole office with you wherever you go.

Offer convenience to your clients. Tax forms are available in English and Spanish. Let your clients sign their tax returns electronically. All e-signatures comply with the IRS standards.

Revenue Generating Add-On Products

Work more efficiently and get more out of your day

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Prior Year Software

Access to the last 10 years of desktop software.

Prior year software of the desktop version can be purchased at a discounted price.

Available for

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Prepare W-2s, W-3s and 1099s and 1098s for your current and new customers.

Added to any current year software purchase the W2/1099 package is just $99.

Available for $169
Add to any UltimateTax package

UltimateTax Online 1040 Your online professional tax software

$588billed annually

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