Drake Tax Software Review
by UltimateTax

Drake Software is an all-in-one professional tax software that allows tax preparers and accountants to prepare personal, business, state and federal tax returns. It’s suitable for small to mid-sized businesses that process form 1040 and business returns for their clients. The software provides the tools and the support that all tax professionals need to grow their business and serve the needs of their clients.

Over 50,000 tax professionals use Drake Software for their businesses. What’s more, over 26 million federal and state accepted returns get processed annually.

Complete, Professional And Comprehensive Tax Software

Drake takes pride in being an all-inclusive tax compliance system that can work for all businesses, and that covers all the 50 states. It provides tools for tax planning, analysis, document management, client write-up and many more in a single package.

Drake Software Is Ideal for Small and Mid-sized Business

Drake Software is an accurate and simple to use tax software. Suitable for catering to the tax preparation and return needs of the small to mid-sized accounting firms. It could take many hours to file complex returns that require multi-preparer review and workflow processes.

Excellent Features You Will Like

Shortcut Keys and Macros

This feature makes data entry simple and quicker by lowering the number of keystrokes when preparing and filing returns. The use of macros can save your time to focus your attention on other tasks at hand.

Automatic Data Flow

Drake Software comes with override options for state, federal and city returns. Credit for taxes paid to other agencies is also done automatically. Additionally, the tax software offers data auto-fill upon entering the ZIP code and the EIN entries saving a lot of time.

Easy Back Ups

Drake Software makes it simple to restore data together with the custom settings to the same or even a different computer when the need arises. An added SecureFilePro account (additional cost) makes it easy to back-up to the cloud for easy access.


Drake Software speed is commendable. It requires just a few clicks to move around the program, and in a short time, you can view the calculation results and full returns. The speed comes with use, the more you use it the faster it seems.

Combine the speed with the shortcut keys and the macros, and that eliminates the possibility of making errors. Add that to the automatic data flow and the overall performance of the office improves markedly.

Tax Comparison

Drake Software allows professionals to conduct analysis and compare clients’ tax, year by year. Also, the software carries forward the return from the previous year to the current year, all of these done on a convenient worksheet.

Quick estimator

You just need a couple of clicks to keep track of the issues facing the client’s refund. Making it possible to keep your clients updated throughout the process.

System provides an all-inclusive tax compliance system for all entities and states, plus tools for tax planning, analysis, write-up and document management

Tax planner

Drake Software Planner allows professional users to analyze the various parameters impacting the taxes. By focusing on aspects such as income, marital status, and dependents.


Drake Software comes with an optional signature pad. Signature pad securely appends the customer’s signature when filing the returns. That scrap the paper works and the hassle of downloading a document, get the client to sign, scanning and the uploading to the returns.

Planning tools

Thanks to this feature, users can revisit the past information and compare taxes between one year and another. Either when exploring for personal information or conducting an audit for the clients.

Attach PDFs

This tax software allows professionals to attach files to returns for e-filing. That makes it possible to have paperless operations where all data is stored in a secure and in an easy to access form. Files uploaded on Drake Documents are fast to retrieve in the future.

Refund Estimator

Drake Software refund estimator allows users to track the issues. Issues impacting on the client’s return throughout the tax preparation and filing of returns. Making sure the clients comply with the requirements.

Paperless Options

Drake Software eliminates the paperwork when filing returns. It allows for the communication and sharing of documents efficiently and safely.

Multi-State Returns

Drake Software covers all the states making it possible to create returns for any state you need eliminating the need to buy a state add-on. The software allows professionals to file returns for all states.

Calculation Messages

When filing returns, Drake Software gives error messages and guides the users to avoid the errors that could lead to an IRS rejection. It provides note messages that act as constant reminders and hints for the issues that could show a rejection of the filed returns.

Easy and Fast Tax Preparation and Filing

Drake Software makes it possible to save an immense amount of time and stay productive at all time. With the software, professionals can prepare and file their clients’ returns without much hassle.

Import and Export

Drake Software renders the preparation and filing of returns simple as the users can import data from Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks into the returns. Besides, upon becoming a Drake customer, the tax program allows you to import your client’s tax returns for the previous year using a free data conversion service.

Integration With Other Tax Programs

Drake Software integrates seamlessly with several other popular tax programs. Providing users the best tax return experience.

  • The Drake software integrates with the Client Write–Up product. Making it possible for the professionals to handle accounting, payroll needs and more for the clients.
  • Its integration with GruntWorx makes it possible to import scanned documents when filing returns rendering data entry easy and reduces paperwork. The feature crucial since it also eliminates the data entry errors that may occur when keying in the data manually. Besides, it saves a load of time that can be directed to other essential activities.
  • Drake Software features Secure File Pro, a web portal that allows for the secure sharing of files and documents between tax professionals and their clients. Something interesting about the web portal is that it allows for customization to feature the logo name and the URL of the company.

Although the web portal is secure enough for the exchanges of information, the clients can have the peace of mind but making use of the delete function to remove any sensitive information.

Integration with GruntWorx allows for easy data entry and minimal paperwork

Returns and other documents can be uploaded to the portal in PDF format so the client can access them whenever they want without the need for heavy printing, faxing or sending emails. That renders the process fast, simple and does away with paperwork.

Three Drake Software Options

Drake Software Software offers 3 types of access to suit the needs and preferences of the tax professionals and their clients. They can choose from Web-based Solution, Drake Hosted Desktop and Desktop.

  1. Web-Based Solution

    The online option is fast, efficient, offers full online access and allows users to file returns from any location on their iPhones and MacBooks. Drakes Tax web-based version provides two versions for preparing and filing 1040 returns online. There’s the Drake online for standalone sites and the web1040 for multiple sites (usually over 20 physical locations).

    This online Drake option requires no installation, updates or back-ups. It’s tech hassle-free and does not need the users to set-up any costly technical infrastructure for the server. Besides, unlike the desktop version, you’ll not need to go through the trouble of maintenance as everything is hosted on a remote cloud server. That makes it friendly even for the newbies.

    Since the Drake Software option is web-based, all documents can be uploaded and stored in a single space for easy access from anywhere, which makes it a convenient virtual office.

  2. Drake Hosted Desktop

    Drake Software on the desktop but in this case highly convenient and requires no zero installation and maintenance. That makes it simple to access from any platform, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

    The Drake Hosted software runs in the cloud, is secured by a firewall, antivirus and has its data stored in encrypted form. It offers SSL encryption for all connections to makes sure that your client’s sensitive data and documents are always secure.

    When using this Drake option, there’s no need for the manual backup of the uploaded documents, and it's done automatically.

    Besides, the cloud storage allows for storage space expansion so you can cater to the additional storage needs whenever your client base expands.

    Also, the hosted software it makes it possible for the local and cloud applications to run side by side seamlessly.

    The enterprise firewall and antivirus protection allow the software to keep all your data secure. As such, you can have the peace of mind knowing that no client’s data gets compromised.

  3. Drake Desktop

    This Drake Software install option comes with a multitude of features including tax planning, tax comparison from year to year, speed, easy backup and auto data flow that makes the preparation and filing of returns quick and straightforward.

    Notable in Drake desktop is the easy and fast update. You can either choose automatic or wait to receive a notification to update the professional software. It doesn’t matter the options you check as the update takes seconds in both cases.

Pricing & Affordability

Compared to other tax programs, Drake offers a professional and comprehensive program at an affordable cost. Most customers agree that Drake Software comes with features present in other expensive software and even additional features not found elsewhere but offered for free in Drake Software.

They allow a 30-days free trial duration within which you can file test returns and see if it will work for you.

Drake Unlimited costs $1395 which unlocks an unlimited number of returns and access to all the features of the drake software.

Drake pay-per return cost $300 and allows you to file 15 returns with every extra return costing 20 dollars. This version offers 95 percent of the features present in the full package. Once you’ve hit 85 returns, you’re automatically upgraded to Drake Unlimited at no extra cost.

Drake Software Recommended System Requirements

The pay per return (PPR) version best suits tax professionals that file below 85 returns in any particular year.

In PPR version, SSN validation is required every time a professional wants to create a new return to reduce the odds of getting an error.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to use Drake Software PPR.

Data Conversion

A free data conversion service that allows you to bring your client’s prior year tax returns. Easy data conversion does three things;

  • It enhances professionalism – data conversion makes it possible to have the client data in its rightful state and place. That way, you can work with them without making any assumptions or guesses about their previous year tax returns.
  • A huge time saver – the data conversion feature relieves you relieves you the time it would take to re-enter all the data. Leave the tax software do the work for you while you focus on other business issues.
  • Eliminate the possibility of errors – the fact that the data conversion lets you capture your clients’ previous tax information means that you won’t make any costly keystroke errors.

Multi-State Returns

Drake Software allows the preparation and returning of files for all states. In fact, the software supports over 6000 federal and state forms. Included are 1120-S, 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120-H, 4720, 1118, 3115, 706, 1040NR, 709, 990, 990-PF, 5471, 1065 and more.

Ease of Use

  • Drake Software has an Intuitive, easy to learn and navigate interface that gets you up and running within a short duration. Besides, you can easily and conveniently track your clients with either an SSN or EIN.
  • The web-hosted version is not only easy to use but also allows the users to access from anywhere when connected to the internet


  • Affordable – Drake offers the same features found in other expensive programs but at a pocket-friendly price. Additionally, it comes with free add-ins provided at a cost in other tax software and some that you won’t find in some programs.
  • Responsive support - most customers agree that Drake Software customer support is excellent. Users can contact them via email, phone or live.
  • Easy to use - Drake software features a user-friendly interface that allows professionals to navigate with ease. Making the learning curve easy and fast.
  • Easy to integrate with other programs – it incorporates with other tax-related programs such as Gruntworx that lets the users import documents into the returns and SecureFilePro that makes it possible to share files with your clients fast and securely.
  • Drake offers clients three access options (web-based, Drake Hosted Desktop and Desktop). That allows professionals to choose the platform that suits their offices and the needs of their clients.


System is optimal for more complex returns, since it can take two to four hours for the system to create a digital PDF tax binder.

  • Drake Software cannot handle the preparation and filing of complicated returns for large corporations. It’s suitable for mid-sized businesses. Under normal circumstances, it would require 2-4 hours to create a digital PDF tax binder and even more time if the system use is at peak.
  • Although user-friendly and easy to navigate, some users might find it too find their way around.
  • I can think of a couple but I can comment later.

Drake Software Customer Reviews and Complaints

Most of the customers agree that Drake Software is a professional program with features similar to those of expensive tax programs and some free features you won’t find elsewhere, all at an affordable fee.


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Another tax professional who’s been in tax business for over 30 years believes that Drake has a highly responsive customer support available via email, live and via phone calls.


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Still, on the support experience, a customer on Best Business Bureau says he's been using Drake Software since 2013 and believes that they have quick response time and they’ll even make a follow on their customers.


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There’s a customer who rants that it’s simpler to figure out the solution to a problem by yourself as the support doesn’t seem familiar with the tax program. He says that after making calls requiring help, he ends up frustrated as they’ve never provided any concrete solution.


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A customer complains that he purchased Drakes Software but asked for a refund a day later, and it wasn't granted. Reason? He had already activated the returns.


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Thomas on BBB cautions that Drake Software is fraud and no customers should conduct business with them.


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There’s a complaint where a customer reports that the program crashes when exporting K1 from either a Partnership or S-Corp.


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After using Drake Software for 3 years, a customer complains that they directed him to the report for e-files that were inaccurate. On enquiring, he was directed to the official site for an accurate report.


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Drake Software vs. UltimateTax

drake software logo

Stand Out

  • Well known for top-notch customer support
  • More than 50,000 tax professionals use Drake
  • Data entry software that many experienced professionals use (CPAs and EAs)
  • Tax program comes with the Client Write Up, Document Manager and Tax Planner all for one price
  • A desktop version, hosted version and a web-based solution are available.

Why They Stay

  • Drake dollars available (bank products)
  • Integrated products (Gruntworx, Secure File Pro, E-sign)
  • Great Support
  • Product if you like it, hard to get to switch after a few years with the product
  • CPAs and EAs like Drake (experienced professionals)

If you are interested in the Drake product, you can purchase directly through us at a discounted rate. Click here to view our UltimateDR package. We have been a partner since 2008.

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UltimateDR we have been a partner with drake since 2008. The UltimateDR package is a great alternative if you are looking for a complete package for individual, corporate with client write up and document management.

Stand Out

  • Launch Pad - The custom launch screen puts the most common items front and center on the dashboard. This speeds up the workflow and reduces learning curve.
  • 365 Service - We have in-house, next level support. With many options to serve you. We are here when you need us, 365 days a year.
  • UltimateCash - Rewards paid directly to the tax office based on volume.
  • Fee CollectTM - Your preparation fees go straight to your account. Get away from the credit card fee and make additional income.
  • Context-Sensitive Help - The built in help is a comprehensive, context-sensitive, mega-source of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Interview Mode - The interview mode is like having an extra trained professional in your office.
  • State Modules - All states included - ProCollect and Premium.
  • Detailed Reports - In real time access all the reports you will ever need. You will know how many returns each preparer has done, how many fees collected and which forms are most popular. Even check to see if a return is accepted or waiting.
  • Free Conversions - Convert your data your current tax program to UltimateTax.

See All Features

Reasons To Consider UltimateTax

Expert Support. Unbeatable Price

  • Every Support Tool Available - Phone, Chat, Email and Show My ScreenTM
  • Professionally trained and very experienced Support Staff.
  • Hundreds of Available Questions and Answers in our Knowledgebase.
  • Software Specialists That Are Knowledgeable In The Industry.
  • A 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating For the 2016 Filing Season.
  • Bank Partnerships to Get You All The Leading Offerings.

  • Bank Products
  • Rebates
  • Comprehensive E-filing Diagnostics
  • Networkable
  • E-filing Options
  • 1040 Individual
  • Form-Linking
  • Online Check Printing

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