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Before you place your order, we want you to know the process and be sure you are qualified to purchase.

All of UltimateTax products require an EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number). This 6-digit number is issued to you from the IRS. Take note: this is not the same as getting an EIN. The EFIN is an ID that confirms that your tax preparation business is registered with the IRS.

The processing of EFINs takes 45 days. Before purchasing your professional tax software, your EFIN should be ready. UltimateTax does not provide EFIN numbers.

If you do not have your EFIN number, click here to see more information on how to get your EFIN.

When you’re ready with your EFIN, you can start the order process. Here are the steps:

  1. Step 1: Click the Buy UltimateTax Desktop 1040 button and enter your information to enter your order.
  2. Step 2: Once received, UltimateTax will process your order in coordination with the IRS.
  3. Step 3: After confirmation, you will receive your UltimateTax Desktop 1040 software in your email.

The order processing doesn’t take that long. However, it is done manually. There is an element of human interaction and sometimes there are issues that we have to take care of.

Here is a detailed process for placing an order:

  • Before clicking the Buy UltimateTax Desktop 1040 button, you need to have your EFIN ready. Submit your EFIN number. Once done, it will show an EFIN summary. It should show that your EFIN is active. Once your EFIN summary is entered, it will be inputted into the system.

    Reminder: An active EFIN is required before you can get a tax preparer software. This is a requirement from the IRS; not UltimateTax. Without your EFIN summary, your order cannot be entered into the system.

  • If you were a prior CCH, TaxWise, ATX or affiliated customer, UltimateTax may ask for a Release document. The release means that you no longer want to be associated with the prior company. This is important in ensuring that no one else is using your EFIN.
  • If you owe money to a CCH or any affiliated company, they will not allow you to sign up with us until that is taken care of. To get a release, we will notify your next steps by email.
  • Orders are processed during the Sales Department’s business hours . Please note that UltimateTax does not process hours 24 hours a day. UltimateTax takes the time to ensure that we are working with legitimate operators because we value the relationship and because we deal with sensitive data. Planning and being ready for the season is part of the process. Despite this, UltimateTax processes new orders all year round.
  • All orders are nonrefundable. We follow the refund policy exactly as it is written on the website. If you are not yet 100% sure, we encourage you to try our demo first. There may be special occasions when your order is refunded, but there is a processing fee of at least 10%. (This isn’t Amazon.)

FAQs on UltimateTax Desktop 1040:

  1. What is included in the UltimateTax Desktop 1040?

    The UltimateTax Desktop 1040 software includes tools such as Smart Diagnostics, Electronic Filing of Returns, and English & Spanish forms. It’s inclusive of All States forms. There is no filing fee for state forms. Plus, you get unlimited access for all users.

    Corporate forms are also available as an add-on feature. E-file corporate returns with a $40 per corporate/partnership return fee. The UltimateTax corporate tax forms will be installed on your computer with a Windows Operating System should you purchase the add-on feature.

  2. When will I be billed for the per corporate return fee?

    During the tax season (January to April), you will be billed every Monday. Then, the fee is set up to be auto paid every Tuesday, early morning. If the fees are not paid by the start of business on Tuesday, your access to the software will be disabled until the payment is made.

  3. What other features are included?

    E-Signature is available with the UltimateTax Desktop 1040. You can also sign up for bank products. Also, you can withdraw your tax preparation fees directly from your client’s bank account.

If you would like to review the details of the package click here:

If you have your EFIN and you are ready to place your order, please proceed.

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