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The quality that you will receive with a professional tax software is far above the “do it yourself software” that you can purchase. It was created specifically for tax professionals to maintain efficiency, productivity and stay in compliance with the tax law. Another perk is that it will update if there is a change in the tax law. “Do it yourself software” such as Turbo Tax doesn’t tell you the specific guidelines you will have to follow, it simply asks you to fill in the blanks. If you don’t know every detail of the tax law, how can you follow it? It is your responsibility to provide your clients with a high quality service and your software is a valuable tool to assist you.

Which professional tax software should I use? Well, there are different levels of tax careers and different levels of software for each one.

An accountant organizes, maintains, and checks the business records of an individual or organization. Accountants also prepare forms and reports for financial and tax purposes. Intuit has developed software programs that are geared for accountants. They are based on data entry instead of forms input which is much more advanced.

A tax preparer is specifically trained in the field of taxation. Tax preparers focus on preparing income taxes. Our professional tax software here at UltimateTax was created with tax preparers in mind and helps to maximize efficiency. We don’t have all of the excess programming that accountants use, unless you specifically request it. We have options that include forms input, data entry, and as well as interview mode. Our programs ensure compliance with federal and state tax codes.

Software will make all of the difference in your tax career. Now that you have the tools to point you in the right direction, start here with UltimateTax. We have options to help grow your business, no matter which direction you wish to advance. If we are unable to meet the needs you have for software, we will refer you to someone who can. We look forward to hearing your success stories in the near future.

UltimateTax Service, Inc. is a professional tax software provider. We provide this information as a service to our clients and friends. The information we post is for your viewing and knowledge pleasure. We take all information we post seriously and stand behind what we post. However, information we post is not meant to be used as your sole position in tax cases.

Author: Mike Steele

Serial entrepreneur since 1994. Tax preparation and tax software have been my passion over the years. Bringing value to my customers has always been a priority. If it’s not great, keep trying.

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