Top 10 Ways to Give Better Service than H&R Block

Posted at: September 10, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Give Better Service than H&R Block

  1. Create a comfortable environment for clients – Sure H&R Block has the green & white square branded look stamped everywhere, but is that really comfortable for clients? Give them a place that they feel welcome and at ease. Offering coffee or water can add to the nice atmosphere.
  2. Get personal – What is it that people love about local mom & pop style great service? Being remembered! Being called by name is even better yet!
  3. Next! – Tax service by number is the worst. Be thorough and don’t rush clients through like they are just another number.
  4. Pricing – Preparers with H&R Block don’t have the ability to change their pricing. It is cut and dried. For clients not expecting a high fee, this can cause some sticker shock as well. Private preparers, you have the freedom to set your own pricing and even change it if and when you would like.
  5. Knowledge of preparer – It is no secret that there are websites dedicated strictly to H&R Block complaints. Many of these complaints target the knowledge of their preparers. Be prepared because all it takes is one bad comment to surface and it could tarnish the perception of your knowledge and tax service as a whole.
  6. Wait time – You don’t have a set quota to meet. Be considerate of your clients and your own needs when scheduling appointments.
  7. Apologize if needed – No one is perfect, sometimes mistakes happen. Don’t ever say “There is nothing I can do” Even if you can’t fix it, you have the power to apologize and tools available to you to help make the situation right.
  8. Be upfront – Up front and honest is the best policy. H&R Block has the guarantee that once your return is complete, you can walk out if you are not satisfied. It is best to be upfront in the beginning, this way your client isn’t wasting time and either are you.
  9. Turnover – Some of these offices only hire on seasonally. Once the season is over all of the preparers are unemployed and may apply again next year. This means that there is less of a chance that clients will receive the same preparer each year. When it’s possible, limit your turnover so you and your staff can be there for your clients year after year.
  10. Trust – at the end of the day, you are your product. If you put forth an honest effort and have your clients best interests in mind they will realize that you are there for them. It’s simple – give them great tax service!

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Author: Mike Steele

Serial entrepreneur since 1994. Tax preparation and tax software have been my passion over the years. Bringing value to my customers has always been a priority. If it’s not great, keep trying.

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