Quick Reference for Tax Professionals ? Medical and Dental Deductions

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Here is a quick list for you to reference of qualifying medical expenses and treatments for conditions that have not been reimbursed by insurance, paid for from a Health Savings Plan or Flexible Spending Arrangement.

There are exceptions and special rules, please see IRS Publication 502 for further information.

Alcoholism Treatment
Ambulance Service
Artificial Limb
Artificial Teeth (not cosmetic)
Birth Control Pills
Body Scan
Braille Books & Magazines
Breast Pumps and Supplies
Breast Reconstruction Surgery (not cosmetic)
Capital Expenses for Medical Purposes (see Publication 502 for list of home improvements)
Car Equipment and Modifications for Disabled
Christian Science Practitioner
Contact Lenses
Dental Treatments (not cosmetic)
Diagnostic Devices
Drug Addiction Treatment
Eye Exam
Eye Surgery
Fertility Enhancement
Guide Dog or Service Animal Expenses
Hearing Aids
Hospital Services
Insurance Premiums
Laboratory Fees
Lodging (for medical care purposes)
Meals (hospital or institution)
Medicines (prescribed)
Nursing Home Medical Expenses
Nursing Services
Operations (not cosmetic)
Physical Examination
Pregnancy Test Kit
Psychiatric Care
Special Education for Children
Stop-Smoking Programs
Telephone for disabled
Television for disabled
Transportation for Medical Care (see Publication 502 page 14 for details)
Trips for Medical Purposes
Weight-Loss Program (if prescribed)
Wig (for medical reasons)

Please note – Medical costs are deductible if they are above 10% AGI (adjusted gross income). Unless client is 65 or over, then costs are deductible above 7.5% AGI

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