Professional Tax Software Stop Playing Price Wars

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When potential customers call looking for professional tax software information, one of the 1st questions we are asked is “How much does it cost?” We like to answer questions before you ask them.

The Guessing Game – Sometimes it can be a guessing game of whom? And when? Who has the best prices? When should I purchase? Should I wait and see if it goes on sale? No one likes to overpay.

Caught in a Bind – Caught in a bind where you need software at the wrong time of year? Ouch, this can cost an arm and a leg! Most software companies raise the prices higher and higher as the year goes on. If you don’t have the funds available to purchase software “early”, you better plan on paying more.

Getting Expensive – My software prices keep rising each year?!? Some companies take advantage of this. Others are forced to raise their prices, especially service bureaus that purchase their software directly from a vendor who raises the prices for them.

We have decided to SIMPLIFY your life in one more way! Offering 10 different packages that all have different features is overwhelming and flat out confusing! Instead, we took our 2 most popular UltimateTax Software packages and made them even more affordable by cutting the rest out!


P.S. We do love our customers and appreciate their loyalty so we still offer a renewal discount that is also ONE LOW PRICE ALL YEAR!

RIGHT NOW you can order 2015 software packages! Get information or purchase online at Questions? Call our Software Specialists Ruby or Mike at 866-686-7211. We promise they won’t pressure you, that isn’t who we are. Even if it isn’t UltimateTax, we want you to have the professional tax software that works best for you!

UltimateTax Service, Inc. is a professional tax software provider. We provide this information as a service to our clients and friends. The information we post is for your viewing and knowledge pleasure. We take all information we post seriously and stand behind what we post. However, information we post is not meant to be used as your sole position in tax cases.

Author: Mike Steele

Serial entrepreneur since 1994. Tax preparation and tax software have been my passion over the years. Bringing value to my customers has always been a priority. If it’s not great, keep trying.

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