Online Professional Tax Software

Posted at: June 08, 2015

Online Professional Tax Software

Have you asked yourself, “Self, should I buy online or desktop professional tax software? I’m not sure which is best for me.”

Well, now you can give yourself a break from all that pressure. We are here to help talk you through it.

If you are not a very tech savvy person, this will help guide you to software success.

Online software facts:

  • Online software does not require a download.
  • Online software is a website that you login to.
  • For the most part, it is the same as our desktop software, but is set up differently.
  • You cannot use online software when you are offline.
  • Information lost using online software is, in most cases, not recoverable due to not being backed up.
  • Online software is not compatible with our business and corporate add on at this time.

Online software is a helpful tool for those tax professionals who may like to do the following:

  • Computer jump in the same office.
  • Take work home with you.
  • Take work out for dinner. (keep in mind you will need a wifi connection. We cannot guarantee that McDonald’s wifi will be fast enough)
  • Work while swimming. (We do not recommend this)
  • Don’t need a business or corporate add on.

We have so much to offer, it is ridiculous! Check this out:

  • One low price, all year long.
  • Pricematch Guarantee
  • Rebates for bank products
  • Referral Discounts
  • So, so much more

Our UltimateTax premium package is available in both online and desktop versions. Not to worry, both versions include all of the benefits that come along with being a part of the UltimateTax family.

Click here for more information about UltimateTax premium, to request a demo or contact us.

UltimateTax Service, Inc. is a professional tax software provider. We provide this information as a service to our clients and friends. The information we post is for your viewing and knowledge pleasure. We take all information we post seriously and stand behind what we post. However, information we post is not meant to be used as your sole position in tax cases.

Author: Mike Steele

Serial entrepreneur since 1994. Tax preparation and tax software have been my passion over the years. Bringing value to my customers has always been a priority. If it’s not great, keep trying.

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