How do I get an IP PIN from the IRS?

How do I get an IP PIN from the IRS?

May 24 2023

In today's increasingly digital world, protecting personal information is of utmost importance, especially regarding financial and tax-related matters.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has implemented an effective tool known as an Identity...
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Best Tax Software for Accountants in 2023

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May 02 2023

As we usher in yet another tax season, tax software has become an indispensable tool for accountants in facilitating efficient and accurate tax preparations. In today's fast-paced world, where clients demand quick and reliable financial solutions, a ...
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Here’s How to Opt-Out of the Child Tax Credit Payments

Heres How to Opt Out of the Child Tax Credit Payments

Apr 29 2023

As part of the recently signed American Rescue Plan, major changes were made to the Child Tax Credit (CTC). For the 2021 tax year, families will have the option to receive advance payments of up to $300 per child, per month, starting in July.  ...
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How to Become a Tax Preparer in Texas in 4 Easy Steps

How To Become A Tax Preparer In Texas in 4 Easy Steps

Apr 28 2023

Are you looking to jumpstart a career in the finance industry, particularly in the field of taxation? With the growing demand for skilled tax professionals in Texas, pursuing a career as a tax preparer could be a lucrative choice for you. This career...
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What Is My EFIN Number and Application Summary?

What Is My EFIN Number and Application Summary

Apr 26 2023

As a tax professional, it's important to clearly understand your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and application summary. Your EFIN is a unique number that identifies your business as an authorized e-file provider with the IRS. It's es...
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Getting a Copy of Your W2: What to Do If You’ve Lost It

Getting a copy of your W2

Apr 25 2023

The W2 form is a crucial piece of paperwork necessary for accurately filing taxes. It contains important information about an individual's yearly wages and taxes withheld by their employer. Unfortunately, losing this document can cause a lot of probl...
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Tips for Choosing the Right Professional Tax Software

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Dec 08 2022

Anyone who pays taxes knows they’re complicated. And with the ever-widening tax brackets, numerous deductions, and other nuances, it can be challenging to figure out how much money you’ll owe and then how to pay it.  That’s why so many ...
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Advantages of a Tax Software for Tax Preparers

Best Software for Tax Preparers Ultimate Tax blog post header 1

Dec 06 2022

‍If you are a tax preparer and you are getting tired of manually recording all your transactions then it’s high time you get yourself tax software for tax preparers. Tax software is an online program that helps you manage and organize the data fr...
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