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Bank Products for Tax Preparers


Hi, I am Mike Steele, owner of Ultimate Tax.

I am excited to announce that we are extending and expanding our free software option.

We are giving away our tax software based on your performance. If you fund 30 or more bank products per season, we are going to give you our tax software, free of charge.

Our software is used by thousands of tax preparers every year.

So, your performance earns free professional tax software. Even better you can do this EVERY year.

Offering a refund settlement solution also known as a bank product to your customers shows that, you have solutions. Your customer doesn’t have to come up with money - when they get their taxes done.

Plus, you can offer your customer a tax time advance.

You get to be the hero.

Also, did you know that it is illegal to "hold" checks? Every state has laws against holding checks unless you have a loan license. (It’s a payday loan.)


Be solutions based.

If your customer can't pay, have a solution for your customers.

Offering refund settlement solutions is a benefit to you and your customer.

If you need more information on how they work and would like our offer - keep on reading.

Thank you

New Opportunities In Bank Products

This year we are proud to be partnering with EPS to present a new alternative to our customers in the area of bank products. In order to utilize this new program, customers will need to purchase the UltimateTax software, either for Desktop or Online.

Preparers will be able to offer returns to their customers through a debit card, direct deposit, or check. Bank fees will vary depending on the method of disbursement chosen by the customer:

Product Cost to Customer Cost to Preparer
FREE disbursement on a debit card $0.00 $5.00
Disbursement through a direct deposit $40.00 $0.00
Disbursement through a check $40.00 $0.00

*All other returns in your office would cost you $5.00 as a minimal processing fee, including those choosing to not utilize a bank product.

Preparers will determine whether the value for their office is in the lower cost bank product for their customer that comes with a $5.00 e-file fee, or in the traditional bank product that is accompanied by unlimited e-filing.


Many companies offer rebates along with your purchase, we are proud to be able to as well! Based on your volume of returns, you may be eligible to earn a rebate if you select to use TPG as your bank though no reabates will be offered when using the low cost bank product through EPS.

We pay incentives well over $1,000 each and every season.

Minimum qualifications must be met, but with the right combination of bank product and software package, you may be on your way to earning a rebate at the end of the season!

UltimateTax software is used by over 50,000 preparers every year.

Annual Savings of $857
Bank Products
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Mac Compatible
  • No Installing, No Updating
  • Includes 3 Users

Your tax life made easier!
$5$7/mo per additional user

Annual Savings of $857
Bank Products
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Installed Software
  • Unlimited Users
Annual Savings of $1,217
Bank Products
$0 Setup Fee
  • 1040 & Corporate Software
  • EFIN Required
  • All States Included
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • Bank Product Rebates
  • Loan Advance Products
  • 365 Service
  • Installed Software
  • Unlimited Users

Bank enrollment for the next year usually begins in October. Please watch for emails from our office to sign up. You will have to complete signup on the banks sites and complete their compliance test.

Are you a high-volume preparer or multi-location tax office? Learn more about UltimateTax Enterprise

We've offered TPGs, tax-related products to our clients since 1995 and it's a big part of why we have grown. Our clients depend on their tax refund to survive in these tough economic times. And these taxpayers need stability and a tax preparer they can trust.

Here are some tips for growing your tax preparation business.

As you get ready for tax season, make sure your office is clean and your front windows are not cluttered with advertising. Sometimes less is more.

Make sure your lobby is inviting and you have a place for children to play.

Each workstation is a profit center and you want your office to be inviting and a place people want to visit. Make sure you have your workstation ready to show your clients the great products you have to offer from TPG.

Many taxpayers are aware of tax-related products and you want to show them that you offer the best available products and services.

As tax season begins and you finish preparing a client's return and their expecting a refund, offer your clients the option to pay your fees with their refund.

Tax Preparer: Great news! You're receiving a tax refund. Since you're receiving a refund, you can use that to pay for today's services so you don't have to pay anything out-of-pocket. Is that something you're interested in?

Customer: Sure. How's that going to work?

Tax Preparer: With refund transfer, all fees are taken out of your refund, including today's services and the balance is yours. So there's nothing to pay out-of-pocket.

Customer: That sounds great. How do I get my money?

Your clients trust you with their taxes and they can trust you with refund options and this is what sets you apart from your competition. Taxpayers can come back and pick up a check printed from your office or they can save time and check cashing fees by loading their refund on a Green Dot tax time edition Visa card.

Tax Preparer: The easiest option we have is issuing money on a Green Dot card. I can give it to you now and you'll receive an email when the money is loaded onto the card. You can access your money the moment it's loaded onto the card.

Customer: Okay. How soon do I get my refund?

The refund delays created by the PATH Act creates challenges for clients that need money and need it now.

Tax Preparer: Because you're qualified to receive earned income tax credit, the IRS is required to hold your refund until February 15th, due to the PATH Act Law.

Customer: I don't usually have to wait and I don't know if I can afford to wait until February 15th.

While this may be a difficult conversation for some tax professionals, if you opt into the Fast Cash Advance Program, you can offer taxpayers a solution with a free tax time advance. This may be the single most effective tool in growing your business. Taxpayers are approved upon the IRS acceptance of the return.

Tax Preparer: I can offer a free cash advance and you can receive money sometimes weeks before your refund is ready. Most of my clients are approved and the advance is issued by either check or Green Dot card.

Finally, have fun. Taxpayers want to use a tax professional they like and a tax professional who enjoys what they do. On behalf of TPG and Latino Tax Professionals Association, we hope you found this video helpful and we look forward to helping you grow your tax preparation business.

How Do Bank Products Work?

In this industry there are two types of bank products. A Refund Transfer (RT) and a Loan Advance. The Refund Transfer is a non-loan product designed for taxpayers who cannot or do not wish to pay out-of-pocket for your tax preparation and other fees. The IRS deposits the taxpayer’s federal income tax refund into a temporary account, typically in as little as 21 days, from the date the IRS acknowledges processing the federal tax return.

Upon receipt of the refund from the IRS, the authorized fees are deducted and disbursed. The remaining balance is disbursed to the taxpayer via the following disbursement methods:

  • Cashier’s Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Prepaid Debit Card

All of these options are great product offerings to match your client’s needs. You know what is BETTER? Fast Cash to your customers!

Offer Advances to your customers!

You will want to offer refund advances to your customers. This is a great opportunity to gain new clients, by offering a service they want. Many times clients want to leave where they are at, but they do not want to give up services. The Fast Cash Advance is a tax time advance that gives taxpayers access to cash before the IRS can release it. Also, a new product pre ack advances mean more clients sooner in the year.

“How to Qualify” to Offer Up To $5,000 To Your Clients.

You must have processed some bank products last year. You will need to send to us a total bank product report that also shows funded returns too.

If You Have 30 Or More Funded Bank Products
Then Your Software Is Free

Get My Tax Software Free

Who Are The Banks?

*Preferred Bank
Santa Barbara TPG logo

Santa Barbara TPG

Support: (800) 779-7228
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Support: (484) 546-2240

What’s In It For Me?

"Never pay for your tax software ever again" - and that’s just one great advantage!
*(must meet minimum number of returns each season.)

  • Free Professional Tax Software For Life! All you need to do is fund 30 bank products or more each season.
  • Earn UltimateCash - We will pay YOU! As soon as you hit 100 returns, we start paying you for every return you do
  • Have access to all of the great product offerings for your office!
  • Your customers don’t have to take this service. You offer it to those who need it.

The market is tough - there are tax preparers everywhere. This is your chance to stand out to make sure you can compete with your big franchise names in your area. Click below to get yourself enrolled today with one of our banks!

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