ATX vs. UltimateTax

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Stand Out

  • Forms based tax program
  • Open up to 3 returns at once
  • Use of Intelliconnect
  • Robust Diagnostics
  • User Friendly Platform – refund meter, page and worksheet tabs and form tabs
  • 365 service (phone, chat, email, web tickets)
  • Credit on account for bank products
  • Fee Collect™
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Interview Mode
  • State Modules
  • Free Conversions (self-service for all packages except our highest-level package, ATX Advantage (which includes free in-house conversion performed by our Conversion team).
  • ATX integrates with Client Accounting Suite, CCH iFirm, and PaperlessPLUS™. Although we still have IntelliConnect through 2019, AnswerConnect is the primary Tax Research tool.

Why They Stay

  • CPAs and EAs prefer
  • IRS Forms based (looks like)
  • Integrates with other products (Payroll, W2/1099)
  • Practical Tax Expert Pro
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Stand Out

  • Launch Pad - The custom launch screen puts the most common items front and center on the dashboard. This speeds up the workflow and reduces learning curve.
  • 365 Service - We have in-house, next level support. With many options to serve you. We are here when you need us, 365 days a year.
  • UltimateCash - Rewards paid directly to the tax office based on volume.
  • Fee CollectTM - Your preparation fees go straight to your account. Get away from the credit card fee and make additional income.
  • Context-Sensitive Help - The built in help is a comprehensive, context-sensitive, mega-source of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Interview Mode - The interview mode is like having an extra trained professional in your office.
  • State Modules - All states included - ProCollect and Premium.
  • Detailed Reports - In real time access all the reports you will ever need. You will know how many returns each preparer has done, how many fees collected and which forms are most popular. Even check to see if a return is accepted or waiting.
  • Free Conversions - Convert your data your current tax program to UltimateTax.

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Reasons To Consider UltimateTax

Expert Support. Unbeatable Price

  • Every Support Tool Available - Phone, Chat, Email and Show My ScreenTM
  • Professionally trained and very experienced Support Staff.
  • Hundreds of Available Questions and Answers in our Knowledgebase.
  • Software Specialists That Are Knowledgeable In The Industry.
  • A 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating For the 2016 Filing Season.
  • Bank Partnerships to Get You All The Leading Offerings.

  • Bank Products
  • Rebates
  • Comprehensive E-filing Diagnostics
  • Networkable
  • E-filing Options
  • 1040 Individual
  • Form-Linking
  • Online Check Printing