Looking for The Future of Professional Tax Software?

The future is based in the CLOUD!

Prepare Returns From ANY Computer!

Prepare returns from any location you need to. No more only preparing returns from your work computer. Use a laptop now and be mobile! Being mobile for customers is huge – you go where they are!

No Installation Needed!

No more worrying about installation woes with your software. All you have to do is log in with your username and password and you are all set. Once logged on – it’s go time!

All files are stored in the cloud (online)!

All of your returns are stored on the online cloud storage facility. There’s no need for file cabinets anymore – it’s time to go to the paperless office!

All For One Low Monthly Fee!

For a low of just $49 /month, you can get the 1040 package OR for just $79 /month, you can get the 1040 with the Corporate package with it as well! These fees are ridiculously low for professional tax software – so tell your friends! We might pay you for that.

What the experts have to say: